DVD too big for nero

I have two AVI files as part of one movie that i am trying to burn with nero.
However it is too big to fit on one dvdr.
are there any programmes i can use to shrink the size of these avi files so i can fit it onto one dvdr?
or do i just record it as a large dvdr to a folder then use dvd shrink to fit it to a disc? i tried this option once but nero froze half wat through which was a bit of a pain.
thanks alot

What type of disc do you want to end up with, A disc that will play in most set top dvd players? If so, then you need a program to author the dvd, I know the newest Nero will do that, but I am not familiar with it so I can’t help you with Nero’s video aspect. But in a typical video editing program, or dvd authoring program, you would import your video files, then create your menus, and choose how to save it or burn it, or both. If I have a video that is too large after authoring, I save it as a video_ts folder, then use shrink to bring it down to size for 1 dvd-r disc.

Best program, personally, would be DVDShrink (www.doom9.org). Its simple to use & can re-author the disc with higher compression but leaving all the features in (you can also remove things you dont want to allow less compression).

Its worth a try as it will allow you to backup most of your DVD collection before its to late.