DVD to?

In the past ive simply use DVDD + Shrink, simple, but tbh i only ever watch stuff back via my pc’s my standalone is gathering dust in the corner so its time to start backing up to a better quality format so any opinions on the current best format to choose from? i’d like to keep all the menus and still cut off unnecessary audio and bits n pieces etc, im going to give ratDVD a try however im thinking possibly DivX 6, if you can point me to any guides i’d appreciate it, i just want to retain the best possible quality, time isnt really an issue, and im prepared to pay for decent software.

also something decent to convert my kids dvd’s to simple avi’s (easier to click on an icon than stick a full dvd in) ive been using fair use wizard 2 but only because i havent seen anything better, possibly something that can auto choose the best bitrate and file size etc

Hi :slight_smile:

To convert movies in avi you can use gordian knot or auto-gordian knot (the same of the previous but more updated and with a simpler interface), both free.

In my avi-capable standalone, there is no necessity of a menu because is the standalone itself that read disc content and ask me what file I want to play. I don’t know if this is the same with all standalones.

You can use divx or xvid as codec. For what I know xvid (free) have the same quality of divx (not free).

You can find guides for GK and Auto-GK here

cheers, backing up some bob the builder with autogk as we speak :slight_smile:

With your new massive CPU you can encode and surfing at the same time :bigsmile:

Just for curiosity: are you using divx or xvid as codec?