DVD To Zune

I have searched all over and cannot find the answer I am looking for so forgive me in advance if it was already answered
Can someone tell what are the best settings to transfer dvd to zune I transfered one dvd and it transfered fine audio and all but the second dvd the audio was choppy and cuts out some I am currently using DVD Fab Platinum
I am just trying to get some on the zune for my daughter before she goes on her trip with the church to Tennessee
Any help is greatly appreciated


I think you have two problem:

the first. you want a best settings for DVD to zune.

I think it is hardly to judge which setting is the best to different people, I think you can adjust it by yourself, and you can find it which one is your best setting.

the second. looks like a bug, one of your DVD convert to wmv. the audio is choppy ?

Please tell me the DVD volumename and this problem is just for this DVD and others ? Please use different profile to test this DVD or adjust your wma bitrate to a lower value.


Sorry I didn’t mean best settings I just wanted to know what the settings on average should be.
Tried again and this time it came out fine.
Thank you for your reply and help if I have any more trouble will try what you suggested