DVD to Zen?

would like to know how to put dvd’s onto a creative zen. ive got dvdfab and blaze media pro. so far all i get are lockups, timeouts, and bad syncs.

do you have a manual? does the manual give the players specs? if so, could you please post them? do you currently have any properly playing videos on your player? if so, please upload one of the videos from your zen, to your computer, and please:

right click the file - click properties

click summary tab - click advanced

please tell us all the information listed

knowing this information will help us, help you. :slight_smile:

yes no no yes no no and no…it wont.

Which one do you have?
I have the Zen Vision W and have lots of videos on it.

For the Vision W, I use the generic template. I use:

  1. avi(xvid + mp3) file
  2. Fast Encoding (1-pass)
  3. Fixed Bitrate 2000
  4. Split = No split
  5. Framerate = Same As Source
  6. 192 kbps bitrate
  7. Volume at 350% (so it’s loud enough on the zen)
  8. Most important: Max Resolution should be 720X576.

Sometimes you have to try different things to figure it out. The way I found the max resolution is I created a file at the highest available from DVDFab, then tried uploading it. The Zen software let me know the file resolution was too large and that the max should be 720x576.

You don’t provide much info on what you have or tried, so most people can’t help you unless they’ve tried it…