DVD to Xvid

Hi all whats the best tool to make a single avi(XVID) from a dvd
using a ripper I guess.

I tried Xilisoft DVD Ripper Platinum 4 but all this did was save multi avi
But ripped dvd ok.

Once you have the ripped the DVD to HDD, then two freeware alternatives for making the conversion are AutoGK or FairUse Wizard. I’ve used the latter one and consider it very good as long as you have ripped to an ISO image first.

Have a look at videohelp.com -> convert for others.

Otherwise there’s payware like the DivX stuff.

Some useful stuff here and plenty of guides at www.videohelp.com.

Can’t really recommend anything in particular as I so rarely do this.

I did it the other day using DVDFab Platinum, turned out fine.

However, it’s payware, so I’d advise you to check out the various freeware apps mentioned above first. :slight_smile:

AutoGK is really a good piece of software :iagree:

It allows also to select final file dimensions, and also to create avi with two languages. With a proper player like VLC, you can switch between languages. My standalone is able to play both languages I insert in my avi movies.

This can be useful if you want to learn or make practice with a foreign language :wink: