DVD to XBOX 360 5.1 Channel Problem


I am trying to get the DVDFab to rip my dvds to my computer to stream to my xbox360. Well all seems good as well (as I hope this would be a replacement to the old dvd-wmv program I was using) except I have one problem.

All of my movies (wmv’s) are coming out with it “seems” to be 5.1 channel, but most all the sound is coming out of my right speaker. Now to make sure it wasn’t a computer problem playing it in Windows Media Player I played the movie from my xbox and got the same results, right speaker.

I am using the Xbox 360 profile with WMPro10 selected to do the 5.1

Is there something on my machine specifically that is causing this or I can change? I had a bunch of stuff installed getting DVD-WMV and a few other programs to work so I don’t know if an encoder or something is set wrong. Where do I look?



What your problem is the other channels have not any audio, just the right channel have the audio ?

Another user reported that the center channel was coming out of the right channel speaker, this may be the same thing?

Hi Ting,

No the other speakers do have sound but it infact seems as they have the surround sound or some such thing. My left and center speaker both play the background music as if the center and right were switched.

The left and right rear speakers also have sound. So it does seem that maybe just the center and right speaker have swapped. Let me know what I can do to help test, I am tech savy, just not encoding savy. :wink:

Edit: And for what it’s worth, I did try a generic.avi.xvid.audiocopy for testing and it did seem to come out with the audio correctly on the computer.

hi, schuff

What is your source audio track, ac3 or dts ?

It was AC3 on both dvd’s I tried.


thanks your information, I will think how to test it and fix them.

Same exact problem here as well. Seems as though center is playing on the right. Any luck on a fix?

I believe I am having the same problem when converting to AAC for PS3. I dont know what channels are coming from where but it sounds like something is amiss. The center speaker sound also has crackles (on every converted DVD). In general, the entire sound for 5.1 seems flat, like the high notes are cut off. Can’t really put a finger on it but, vr 5.x.x.x. Dvdfab sound is better.

Just in case … same hi-fi system in place for years, no changes other 5.1, 7.1 movies sound normal.

I posted this in late June:
[B][I]"This is strange indeed then.

I am on the process of converting my DVD collection to H264 and each day I do about 20 DVD’s. I do this on 2 main PC’s.

I upgraded both to and noticed at the end of the day that the centre channel was displaced to the right on the H264 copies I had made.

I then listened to the previous days movies on the laptop and they are fine.

There is still information on the left channel but the centre channel has moved to the right.
I will backrev today and redo the movies and test again.

Interestingly the movie that was OK from the day had a DTS sound track I think - again I will check."[/I][/B]
I have stayed on which works fine.

Anyone have

My sound is fine but it seems that in every movie at about the half way point to 3/4 the sound tracking is off.

I have stayed on which works fine.[/QUOTE]

yes…anyway to get I really want to purchase DVDFab but not when it has this issue. Is there any movement on getting this fixed??

I have DVDFab and found the center channel audio only comes out of the front right channel when encoding with WMA10 in 5.1. This has been happening since it was released but has taken a couple of months to trouble shoot. I have replaced my PC speakers with a new 5.1 system and then encoded video on a new new PC with different audio card to make sure it was not the HW. I have also played this back on a separate 5.1 system to make sure it was not the PC and the center and right channels are still swapped. I am switching back to WMA9 until this issue is fixed as it is ruining my library.