DVD to WMV / Divx



Nice to meet you guys first of all. Second off i am trying to convert my personal collection of dvds over to a media that i can stream from my pc to my 360. I’ve initially been able to accomplish this using dvd fab 5 and converting to a wmv file. The only problems have been that

1 ) WMV looks fuzzy on my tv, which i realize is due to compression / resolution. My question is how can i make this look good on my tv and still be able to stream it and have a decent small file size?

2 ) When i convert the movie, i ALWAYS get subtitlles that i cannot turn off in movie, why? How can i fix that?

I realize both of my questions may be the the file type or software i am using, and i am completely open to change if necessary. Please shed some light on this guys. Thanks.

BTW, i have been interested in Divx, but after googling i am just lost as far as how ot accomplish this. Any advice in that area would help. Thanks again.


Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Is the 360 able to read regular DVDs? Why do you want convert them into avi? Using DVD format you’ll get certainly a better quality than any AVI :slight_smile:


My 360 does play dvd’s, but i have some that are copied and it would be alot cheaper to convert them to a digital media than to buy blank dvd’s all the time.


Begs the questions if you have the originals why are you trying to do something when you can just play them in the 360??? DVD format is better then wmv or avi.


Because if i can make a full conversion to a media like this, i won’t need the disks. I can have my own library available on demand by simply selecting the movie from a list. I’ve gotten the resolution issue resolved on my tv, so if this is out of your scope feel free not to answer the questions. Thanks.


There are any number of converters that can take your dvds to xvid or divx avi. You should look through the list over at www.videohelp.com

Just off the top of my head you could use Xvid4PSP (very versatile), AutoGK, SUPER, WinFF and Fair Use Wizard.


I can see why he might want to. He can reduce there size and store them on a heard drive etc. and have access to numerous movies at once. I have a DVD player that has a USB port and use a 60 gig HD to store movies in AVI format. The quality of a 1.5 gig AVI is nearly as good as a DVD, IMO, and it takes up far less space.

To the OP, I would suggest converting them to AVI (Divx or Xvid) instead of WMV. AutoGK is a good program for this and it is free. If you compress a DVD movie to no smaller than a 1.5 gig file I don’t think you will see much loss in video or sound quality.


Agreed. I have multiple dvd players including a 360 & modded xbox1 running XBMC. I have (nearly) all of my movies backed up & converted to xvid, ranging between 1-2gig in most cases (some larger) and stored on a linux server that streams via a samba share to XBMC, and it looks great.

The convenience of having all media in digital format for streaming is too good to ever go back, IMO. When I was on Windows, I used AutoGK with great results. Now that I’m on linux I use acidrip.


Thanks guys, now we’re getting somewhere :slight_smile: I’m not crazy after all.