DVD to Windoes Media

Is there any way I can take a DVD I own and create a Windows Media Player file with a very small file size to be playable on PPC 2002?

I think that Windows movie maker will be able to do this.

First you will have to rip the video and audio streams from the DVD. I advice DVDDecrypter for doing this. Afterwards, import ripped files in the Windows movie maker and encode them.

It may be a good idea to update your Widows before making these WMV, as quite recently an update on Windows movie maker has become available.

If you can’t figure out how to work any of the programs or have additional questions, feel free to either ask us or use the search functionality of the board.

Good luck!

Windows movie maker does not allow importing ISO or IFO files, so I’m not sure what to do.

You need to import the .VOB files for conversion, not the ISO or IFO files. The .VOBs are just MPEG-2 streams. I don’t know if Movie Makeer will import .VOBs natively, but if it doesn’t, just change the extention from .VOB to .MPG. If Movie Maker will not recognize an .MPG file, then it is a piss-poor program. None the less, you can convert the MPEG file to AVI, if you absolutely have to.

When I import the .MPG files to windows movie maker, it says that the last file (last part of the movie) is an empty file. Therefore I only get 2/3 or 3/4 of the movie imported.

I can’t change the file extensions from VOB to MPG because the computer is recognizing the files as VOB and they open with my DVD player software, how can I change the file type from VOB to MPG?

Just rename them. I.e., if you have a file called vt_01.vob, rename it to vt_01.mpg.

Just because you rename a file doesn’t mean you change the file type. As for changing the file to wma, i’m not sure, but i am assuming that your player is also capable of playing mp3’s. Use the search function or go the video editing forum for more info. Also, if you have experience with using tmpegnc to compresss and recode, then you could do it that way. There are plenty of guides out there that tell you how to do this. Click HERE for a walk through…hope i’ve been a help…sorry for any confusion… :confused: :wink:
(the guide will tell you what software to use, how to use it, and what to do…) good luck! :bow:

Well, it has sorta worked when I change the file from .vob to .mpg, then i can import the video into windows movie maker. The problem is it won’t import all of the files. An error message pops up saying “The file is an empty file.” Why am I getting this error when they are clearly not empty files, and the rest of the files work fine. Only one or two files aren’t recognized. Also, I read something about DVD Decrypter under settings that you could select “merge vob files” or something like this. Is this option no longer available, because i cant seem to find it.

some good advice in this thread your project…:slight_smile: