DVD to Video CD



I’ve recoded (with Nero recode) a DVD movie several times making the .mp4 file smaller and smaller. Yet, every single time when I try to make a Video CD using the .mp4 file (even one that’s 225 megs in size), I get the error message that the whole Video CD project requires more than I have space for on my CD — requires 890 megs of space.

What’s the best way to create a Video CD, so that I can store a full-length movie on there?



You cannot use mp4 (MPEG4) for a Video CD (MPEG2).


But Nero (newest release) offers an option in its menus to create a VCD.

If not Nero, what program is best to use? I’ve used DVD Decrypter to rip the DVD to hard disk.



Go to www.videohelp.com and look in the guides on the left hand margin. VCD is Mpeg-1. MP4 is a different animal. You should see many options on how to convert DVD to VCD.

Tom :slight_smile:


You can use burning rom to save your .mp4 files on disk (cd rom or other). You won’t be able to play them back in a stand alone, though. Are you trying to save .mp4’s or create mpeg-1’s (that might play in a stand alone but wouldn’t look very good if they did). I think vcd’s were/are intended for sharing short videos with computer users who are without dvd rom drives (via cd rom). If you’re trying to copy DVD’s to a disk for use in a DVD player; use the mpeg-2 copy (with compression if necessary) of Recode with a DVD burner. If you only have a cd burner, go buy a DVD burner :slight_smile: Otherwise, create a VCD or two - but expect the output movie not to look very good. There just isn’t enough room on a CD for quality - except with the more efficient .mp4 format, but it isn’t compatible with any players out there yet (at least, any easily accessible to most of us).


You folks have been very helpful. Thank you. I guess I was just wondering why Nero had an option for VCD creation if all it did was create .mp4 files. I don’t yet have a DVD burner, and what you all are recommending is that I get one. Will do.