When I try to copy a DVD to my VHS it come out, well it doesn’t is there a way to do it. I seen something called a DVD Video Decoder (MacroVision remover) does something like this work?

Depends on your DVD player.
Some players can have the Macrovision protection removed…

So more details on your DVD would be helpful.

(maybe a search on macrovision in this forum might help as well)

Yes sorry about that, it would help. It is a Sony DVP S500D and yes I just read that some of this thing will not work with new DVD players. Mine is not new, about a year or so old.

I had the same problem with a JVC VHS recorder and a Mustek DVD player.

The thing is , i don’t use it for copying but for connecting it all onto my TV.

My TV has only one SCART connection , and both my DVD and VHS have the need to put their image on the TV :).

So i connected my DVD player to my VHS , and my VHS to my TV.

The thing is , the MacroVision protection uses some signal modification that the VHS tuner can’t handle , but the TV tuner can. So i had to remove that signal modification.

There were two options for that :

  1. Removing it by the source (The DVD player) which for my DVD would take a lot of soldering , some weird connections on a print and probably cause instability on my DVD player. Most DVD players have a “secret menu” however where you can remove the MacroVision signal (and make them region free in the process) , but mine doesn’t.

  2. Removing the signal modification done via another tool. I went out to look for a MacroVision remover (Also known as a MacroVision copier , image enhancer , etc ,etc) and found one for about $40 somewhere in the UK. After connecting a new adapter on it (the UK version has that weird UK plug… useless) , some finetuning , i have never had a problem again.