DVD to VHS: A Classic Problem



I am looking for an easy way to get a video CD onto VHS. At least I think it is a video CD. It only plays on a few DVD players and there is no “menu” at the start of the disc. There is some sort of copy protection, and to the best of my knowledge has to be “Macrovision”. Help please?


What type of DVD player do you have? If it is one of those Apex (or similar) models then you can upgrade the firmware or modify it. I think the Apex AD-600A was the best when it had the “Loopholes menu” in which you could bypass the region protection and diable Macrovision (if I am correct, newer releases of it don’t have it). For more info go to http://www.nerd-out.com/darrenk/


If you can’t disable Macrovision on your machine it’s self then you can search on the net for a box that blocks macrovision. You would just connect it to your video out from the dvd player. I had one a few years ago but it didn’t play nicley with anamorphic discs. I bought it because my tv at the time didn’t have RCA jacks so I was forced to connect through my vcr.


The box Mickey speaks of can be found here,I have one,and it works extremely well…


If you want to know what movies allow you to avoid messing with ripping it to your hard drive and allow copies straight to VHS, check out:


The idea is to share information about what DVDs are NOT Macrovision encoded. If you know of any, please let us know. There is also an opt-in email list, and a discussion forum. And check out the site for the most current list of known “copyable DVDs”.