DVD to VCD - How To -Please Help



Hi all.

How can i convert DVD Files to VCD Files, Im Running dvd decoder v3.5.1.0 with Roxio Easy DVD and Sony Dual layer x16 DVD+RW,

I want to convert the DVD files to Vcd - what software is available on Freeware.


Buzz :a


Why do you want to convert mpeg2 to mpeg1 when you have a dual layer dvd burner…


so i can fit more than one film onto the disc, thats the only reason, Dont really know much about this yet, Whats the bennifits of dual layer dvd burner??




The benifits are you dont have to compress anything you can do a 1:1 copy
although the media for dual layer is still very expensive…
Even if you use single layer it is still better going from dvd to dvdr rather than going to vcd…


Here is 2 good one’s but they are not freeware. You can try DVD Ripper-DVD to SVCD-VCD or you can try I Click DVD Ripper with it you can rip DVD to VCD/SVCD/DIVX and AVI files


But then it’s not VCD-quality MPEG’s that you need to be making, but rather low-res DVD-compatible MPEG’s. There’s a difference.


so how can i keep a good quality picture but fit 2 films onto the 1 disc? is this possiable.



In many cases it is not possible if you still want to be able to play it on a stand alone player. With most movies you have to compress it just to get it onto a dvd-5 (a regular single layer recordable dvd). The only exception would be if you were to remove all the extras and unneeded audio streams. If your recording just the main movie and one audio stream it might be possible with some movies.
There are other formats that give more compression but they are not liklly to work on your stand alone dvd player.
Just one other option. Some dvd players will play mpeg (used by vcd) and mpeg2 (used by svcd) when burned as data files. It only works on some players though. You will loose quality with either (a lot of quality with mpeg1 or vcd).


Thanks for the advice, Cheers



Maybe he wants to use up all his extra CDRs. :slight_smile:


Yea, could be. I cannot remember the last time I bought cdr’s and I still have a few hundred lying around. I just don’t use them much since I started using dvd.