DVD to VCD help



Hi all,
I am trying to convert a DVD to VCD consisting of old 8mm film that was transfered professionally by a company it has no sound (not sure if this makes a difference)…
I downloaded and printed out ChickenMans tutorial and followed it step by step…
1st I used SmartRipper, This is were I think I have gone wrong at first it was unable to unlock all of the DVD, as per instruction I ran the movie through and seem to be able to rip it successfully. I think!!!
The DVD size was 4.3GB but my rip is only 127mb the files in the ripped folder look the same as the example in the tutorial just all much smaller in size…
2nd I tried DVD2VCD set it all up as per instructions press to go for conversion
and the program gives a no response in alt crtl del after about 30seconds…
Thanks kindly for any help you maybe able offer


The DVD you have made proffesionally I assume was on a burnt DVDR ? Then even the Windows Copy from Windows Explorer is all you need. Else, play the DVD a little while with WinDVD or similar. Stop the play, then rip. That unlocks the dvd and the drive. Or use DVD Decrypter, that rips the same as Smartripper but also auto-unlocks the files/drive. The files on your HD should be the same or similar length to those on the DVDR.