DVD to VCD Conversion

Hello all…
I am looking for the easiest way to convert DVD to VCD for backing up some karaoke DVDs.
I have read

How to Convert DVD to VCD

but that is almost 5 years old and way too much work. I have heard of VJRipper but I would preffer a freeware. If there is no freeware can someone give me positives or negatives of VJRipper or other software.
Thanks, John.

Hi johnm92627 and welcome to cdfreaks,

I have no idea as to freeware for the task described. AFAIK, Nero should be capable of this.

BTW, you posted in a forum specific to Fab. You’ll have better luck if you post in:
CD and DVD Burning Software

Sorry… Wrong forum. I use DVDFab and clicked my link in the top of the software.