DVD to VCD (A new problem...)


I don’t know where else to search, so…

I have 2 identical DVDs (more or less).

One has the movie full screen and audio only in english. The other one has the movie widescreen and the audio track I need.

If I want to make a VCD with the movie full screen and take the audio from the second one…

What should I do?.

I hope there is a way to sync both.

Thanks in advance…


Well , first you gotta have the movie and the sound in seperate files. There are plenty of tutorials on the internet on how to accomplish such a thing. Use google , doom9 and vcdhelp.

Then comes the tricky part… the synchronizing… I do believe VirtualDub is about one of the best programs around for such a task.

Hi there, what you could do is use DVDx 2.0 (freeware) and under the OUTPUT tab ensure that the picture size is FULL 4/3 or 16/9 input and you’ve got the audio already anyway.