DVD to various formats choppy



Hello all
I am having problems making a backup copy of the silence of the lambs to play on a wd media player. No matter what I try the video is choppy. I am using aimersoft video converter ult. I have tried frame rates 23.39/24/25/29.92/30/ keep origional. Same with the resolultion. I have tried xvid, and h.264. What could I be doing wrong. I have tried MKV, AVI, MP4, MOV. I have also tried dvdfab6 and still a little choppy. :a


So you ripped the DVD to your HD with a decrypting program? If so, does the movie play correctly from the HD? I wouldn’t use aimersoft, don’t know anything about it really, but give Handbrake a try, it outputs as Mp4 or Mkv. Autogk outputs as avi (Divx or Xvid).