Dvd to sony walkman

I am trying to covert dvd movie to play on sony walkman digital media player nwz-a818 and non of the settings i try work. i tried the ipod and the generic mp4. I would like some help before i try any more, as it takes 1hr. to find out they don’t work. THanks

I have platinum 4 and 5

Per their specs, 320x240 .mp4 and .m4v should work.

Use the PSP setting.

[QUOTE=Merlin_AZ;2060349]Per their specs, 320x240 .mp4 and .m4v should work.[/QUOTE]

Thanks !!! the generic mp4h264 and 320by 240 worked perfect.
Now if only dvdfab would except avi files? I have 100 buggs bunny cartoons in short avi files. My grandsons want on their sony, I tried ner0 ver. 8 recode and if i convert to nero mp4 i get good picture but no sound, and if i convert using 3gpp ?? i get the sound but bad picture.