DVD to single AVI file am I an idiot or am I missing something?

I can backup my DVD’s (CloneDVD, AnyDVD, DVDFab, WinAVI, etc.) HOWEVER … I don’t seem to be able to find anything that will take the main movie from my dvd and create a single AVI file for my portable Zen player. Everything wants to encode each VOB separately.

Surely there is a program out there that will look at the DVD files and can figure out what the main movie files are and will encode them to a single avi file. But I can’t find it!

Like I said, “am I missing something?”


since you’re already a slysoft user, clonedvdMobile may be a good choice for you

CloneDVD mobile converts your DVD movies quickly and easily into a format that your portable device (Sony PSP, Apple iPod Video, iAudio X5, Creative Labs ZEN Vision, etc) can play. You can also convert your DVDs to other file formats, such as DivX, XviD, AVI, MP4, etc.

as with all slysoft products there’s a 21 day fully functional trial.

Call me skeptical but I have to wonder if “Video Preview shows an overview of all selectable DVD titles” doesn’t mean it will encode each VOB separately.

I’ll give the trial a try but if anyone knows for sure . . .

titles are not VOBS. the different video titles mean like the main movie, the extras, the previews, the fbi warning, etc. it doesn’t mean it will include these in the final product. it means you can choose which titles to include in the video preview window of the software.

I’m almost 90% sure that’s what it means. either way the best way to find out is to give it a try and see if you like it! :slight_smile:

transcode running on Linux. Free in both senses of the word.
Just point it a directory full of VOBs and it will convert them
into a single AVI. You can choose from several different
MPEG4 codecs. DivX, XviD, FFmpeg.

Oh yeah, sorry about that. I’m running a Windows rig. But thanks for the Linux info anyway!


I’m sure there must be something similar for Windoze.

BTW, Welcome to CD Freaks.

AutoGK or FairUse Wizard.

As reasons says; .vobs are not titles but segmented MPEG2 files designed to overcome a filesize limit.

The titles are referenced within the .vobs but you need the .ifo file to tell you where.

So does AutoGK or FairUse Wizard read the IFO file?

Of course or I wouldn’t have recommended them. When you’ve made your decrypted backup DVD, try them out and see.

I use FairUse, which is free if you set the .avi to <700MB final, but other members like AutoGK.

i can’t believe i forgot to mention AGK. I always try to list at least 1 free recommendation, and AGK is actually what I use for dvd>AVI. total brain fart there i guess.

The celtic_druid version of FairUse Wizard is free and has no limitations on file size, so you might want to consider it as well. The direct link can be found on this page: http://www.videohelp.com/tools/FairUse_Wizard under Other info.

Nice link, Kerry56 :flower: : I keep forgetting about that free version.

Thanks everyone! I tried AGK but at least with De Ja Vu it gets confused and the audio and video don’t sync as well as there are “making of” scenes mixed in with the movie.

I’ll hve to give FairUse Wiz a try.


That wasn’t AGK’s fault. Normally the largest title on a dvd is the main movie, but Deja Vu’s structure is a little different. You have to manually choose the second largest title on the dvd to get just the main movie. The largest one has the commentary included.