DVD to SD Card (A-DATA 16GB, Turbo Secure Digital SDHC CL6)

[qanda]This thread is about the A-DATA 16GB, Turbo Secure Digital SDHC CL6. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Sorry of this has been asked before.

I have tried to copy a DVD to my hard drive. I get only audio.

I want to transfer the DVD contents to a SD card and play the movie from there.

Please be specific, as I have little experience with DVD Fab.


Since you are using DVDFab, you may get more detailed answers in the DVDFab forum. I’ll move your thread there.

Hi jeopardy
What software are you using to play the files on the hard drive? This should work fine. With the SD card, you can copy the DVD files from your hard drive to the card (if the card supports fast enough transfer rates for DVD playback) or you can use DVDFab DVD to Mobile to make a much smaller MPEG-4 file (AVI/MP4/etc) for playback.

Thanks Kerry56