I’m trying to rip my DVD to my PSP, I selected the target to be sent to my documents folder on my hard drive. Now in that DVD folder, it just shows MP Root…I’m kind of confused on what to do next!

Should I have just choose to target my PSP drive instead or can I just transfer my movie folder to my PSP drive? Help please… :sad:

Bump…someone please help!!

did you drill down into that folder to see if you had a M******.mv4 file. I do not have a PSP, but use this mode for my Zune. I guess this is a standard PSP style of folder for video.

in the psp look for the folder with the same name. then transfer the contents over to that folder in the psp.

if you’re using dark alex’s firmware then you can transfer the vids to that folder, the video folder, and some other folders as well.