I want to be sure before I bought a PSP :confused: .

Can I transfer a dvd movies in the PSP :doh: ?
I mean any dvd I have ,can I tranfer it in the PSP and when I take the bus I can see the movies :rolleyes: ?


Tipaul…welcome to the site.

I constantly use DVD > IPOD and it works at treat. I know of others in the forum that use the DVD > PSP and have great success. Just check you have the right firmware installed on your PSP as there have been issues with the earlier firmwares. Just do a search for PSP and it should put you on the right track.

The PSP conversion on this program works fine generally. But there are a few titles that have caused the program to shut down. Still, since I’m not interested in converting my entire dvd library to PSP, I’d recommend this program because the image quality is the best I’ve seen so far of all the dvd to psp converters that I’ve tried. It’s the only one I know of that easily supports the full native resolution of the PSP. Hopefully, future releases will be able to address the crashing issue. But until then, I’ll just take what I can.

For me it works just fine, no crashing as of yet (10 dvds-ish)

Just tried the new version and still no luck with certain DVDs. I tried to send an error report but just ended up saving a zip file containing the report along with the ifo files. Who should I send it to? btw, the title I tried converting was the movie, “Swingers”. One of the best indie flicks ever made. I’d love to have it on my PSP.

Send it to fengtao (at) dvdidle (dot) com, replacing “at” and “dot” with the proper symbols.

/EDIT/ There is a version newer than the one you tried, judging by the time stamps on your post and the release notes.
Might be worth a try.

Yes you can. Just buy it, and get a 4 GB memory stick

You can transfer movies, chapters, or anything from your DVDs using DVDFab. Works like a charm for me, some people has had specific problems with one or two DVDs, though, but just tell fengtao and he’ll fix it for you.
You can also convert your stuff or things you download using other programs like these XVID4PSP, SUPER or PSPVideo9

One cool thing that I do is go to google video, search for documentaries and put them on the PSP directly since this is a feature google implemented for both the ipod and the PSP. just hit the “download” button and put the resulting file on your PSP.

You have to exclude youtube from your searches since the youtube videos are not available for download (unless you use videodownloader, that is) but this is really easy. Just look. There’s always something to watch :slight_smile: