DVD to PSP second pass broken?

I’m running but I had the same problem with I choose PSP 3.3+ firmware and 480x720 resolution and the second pass only finishes about a third of the time I run it. When it does not succeed I then run only one pass. When second pass fails it just runs and runs (the encoding fps are at zero) and I end up canceling it.

I have also tried generic h264 at 480x272 and the files do not run on PSP (though it does always get through the second pass). I’m unlcear on what is different between PSP and generic. I set all the settings in generic to the same as the PSP and the files do not work on the PSP.

I’m running Windows Vista Ultimate 32 bit.

Anyone have any ideas? Anyone ripping videos for their PSP with 2 passes?


I am having the exact same issue… except with the PS3 profile… but basically the same… Windows Vista, h.264, 2-pass, etc. I don’t get the same behavior on XP Pro, so I think it’s a Vista thing.

I have encountered the same problem with the PSP profile (haven’t tried the PS3 profile yet) - so often that I simply default to 1 pass. For my purpose, which is viewing vids while travelling, the quality of a 1 pass conversion is good enough. Plus the time to convert is considerably shorter!

Thanks for replies. I’m happy with 1 pass but it sure would be nice if they addressed the issue.

Does anyone know what the differences are between generic h264 and psp h264? I have no issues running generic 2 pass. Even when I have settings the same as PSP the files do not play on PSP.