DVD to PSP: everything seems fine, but

Hi there!

Indeed, I’ve been trying to convert my “Taste of Tea” (“Cha No Aji”) DVD to a PSP-compliant file, but though I already got DVDFab Platinum to make wonders, it just doesn’t work this time, and I’m quite at a loss at the moment.

So, I chose the 2h23min long movie, Japanese AC3/5.1 audio track (not the DTS one), subtitles.

Then the setup: I picked the mp4(h264, firmware 3.30+) encoder, my PSP firmware being 3.50, fast encoding (1 pass), fix file size, image frequency 29.97 fps, 128 kbps audio, volume being 300 %. And for the first time, I picked the PSP native resolution (480*272).

Everything seemed fine, for 2 hours later, I had on my hard drive a “101ANV01” folder including the 961842 kB MAQ00004.MP4 file and its accompanying MAQ00004.THM picture.

I then copied those two files on my 2 GB MemoryStick, inside the [PSP root]\MP_ROOT\101ANV01 folder, yipee, but that’s where problems start…

Indeed, the file appears with a “not compatible data” tag (sorry if the wording is not exact, for my PSP is set to French)… I moved the .MP4 and .THM files into the VIDEO folder, just in case, but with no better result…

Some technical details then: I’m running WinXP SP2, the CPU is an AMD Athlon 64X2 4200+, DVDFab Platinum’s version is and my PSP is a Japanese one, firmware 3.50. Hope that helps.

So, what am I doing wrong? I’ve checked pages and pages on this forum, but I’m still lost… :sad: Thanks to anyone that will pull me out of my misery! :bow:

OK, I’ve had another try with a music video, to keep things short, at the 480*272 screen resolution and it worked! :smiley:

I’ll have another try with the “Taste of Tea” DVD, hoping it will work out fine… Maybe I missed something on that previous attempt… :rolleyes:

Working perfectly… :cool: My mistake! :bow:

Still, it leaves me with a question: is there a particular setting, so that the movie title appears like “Taste of Tea” tather than “TASTE OF TEA.Title2.DVDRip”?

Sorry if that sounds like a lame question, but I guess that my previous problems might be related with my fiddling with file names…