DVD to PSP conversion question

Hey! I’m new to this, so forgive any mistakes. I have a question:

  1. I am trying to convert DVDs (that I own) to my PSP; I have DVDFab and everything works great except one thing. I CANNOT get closed captioning to go away. Within my PSP menu the option to turn it on and off doesn’t appear and I can’t find any options within DVDFab to make it disappear, any ideas?

  2. Can anyone tell me if the sites where you download movies work well for PSP? I can’t seem to get much information without plunking down a credit card number. Any other PSP folks out there with good info?

I’m deploying soon and I want some stuff for the road, thanks for the help!

Have you looked into slysloft clonedvdmobile? That program converts down to be able to play on psp disc. It has a 21 day trial on it but take a look at it and see if it has what you want.