DVD to PS3 - No Video

I’ve got a little problem. I’m trying to convert my DVDs to PS3 format so I don’t have to touch the discs anymore. Mostly, everything works great, except for one particular movie, so far: Star Wars: Episode 2.

I converted Episode 1 to the default PS3 profile, only changing the bitrate to 1500kbs and upping the resolution a notch. As I expected, it plays great. Now, I tried to convert Episode 2, same settings, and when I play it on my PS3, there’s sound, but no video. I thought maybe I had screwed with a profile setting, so I encoded it again, and still no dice.

Has anyone else had this problem? BTW, the files DO play on my PC just fine. And also, these are conversions made using backup DVDs (I always backup my movies so that I don’t have to touch the original discs, and I also get to strip out everything but the main movie/subs).

Having the same issue. I have tried almost ever variation to the profile as well as numerous different movies. At first i thought it was the crop feature…but disabled got the same result. However, i can rip the VOB’s then merge them into one and let ps3 video 9 encode the one large vob, and it works flawlessly. Sadly my purchased product can’t do it. :confused:

Could it be OS related? Known issues with vista? Anyone else having the same issue?