DVD to PS3 - Files not showing in PS3 media browser

I have a PS3 set up as a media player and it generally works fine for streaming music/pics/videos from my PC. But when I use DVDFab DVD to Mobile on DVDs using the PS3 setting, the files don’t show up on the PS3. They’re sitting right there with my other video files in the Video folder. I do have other video files that don’t work with the PS3 due to not being the right format, and even though they won’t play, they at least show up in the list.

I’m using 2-pass encoding at the max fixed bitrate. Resolution and framerate selected by DVDFab. Audio either stereo or 5.1 depending on source. Subtitles direct render to video.

At first I thought maybe it was because I was trying to do a Japanese PAL DVD w/ English subtitles. But I just tried doing the first 3 chapters of a Star Wars DVD, 5.1 track + captions, and it still doesn’t show up in the PS3 file browser. What am I doing wrong?