DVD to PS3, Divx Subtitles

I doubt this is where I should ask this question. Sorry if it’s not.

I’m trying to reincode a dvd to a format playable on the PS3. I need help getting the subitles to display correctly. I’ve used Fair-use Wizard and Auto GK with AVIAddXSubs. I don’t get any errors, but when I launch the video, the subtitles option is there but when I turn it on, there is no difference.

I’m tryin to encode videos that have english and japanese audio, and english subtitles. I just want to be able to switch the subtitles on and off, and switch the audio from and to english, depending on what I feel like at the time. How can I encode a video, from a dvd, to play on a PS3, while having two audio tracks, and have subtitles that I can toggle on and off?

you can have a try with ImTOO DVD Ripper Ultimate, it can do what u want well