I just bought a DVD burner,sont (DRU-820A)
How do I copy write protected DVD to PC and then burn it to DVD?

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I would suggest you do a bit of reading here on the forums then come back with some more specific questions on the points that you don’t then understand.

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Providing that you are making backups of movies you bought, the simplest way is to use DVD Decrypter to rip your movies and then burn on a disc.

Most movies require a dual layer disc to make a complete backup, so if you want to use single layer discs you must compress original dvd or remove undesidered features like foreign languages or extras.

You can do this with anydvd + clonedvd or with dvd shrink.

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WHat kind of protected DVD do you want to backup?
There are movies, that are usually fairly simple and there are software DVDs, which may be hard (if not impossible at this time) to backup.

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Thanks for all the helpful replies.They will get me in the right direction.

Hmmmm. I built my computer from used parts and just finished installing my 1st DVD burner.
So should I assume that those who buy there computers are lazy??? I dont think so. There is never a dump question.Just dumb comments:>

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Ok… im sorry, i just had a headache when i posted and shouldnt have really been on my computer. To say im sorry ill post all that you need to back up a dvd

[B]Copy protection removal[/B];

Anydvd - The best protection removal you can get, but it has to be paid for. (after the trial)
Dvdfab Decrypter - Havent tried this software, however is freeware, so if you dont want to spend money, probably a good choice

[B]Dvd Backup[/B]

There are lots of freewares to backup, but the only freeware dvd soft i would reccomend backing up with is dvdshrink.

A very good software for backing up is clonedvd2, but is shareware, so after the trial you will have to pay for it.

Another good software (if you want to pay for it) is nero, as it has lots of features that are fun to play around with.

[B]Dvd burning[/B]

This only applies to dvdshrink, as you need to have nenro to beable to burn with the software.

I havent tried this software, but burn4free is another freeware to backup your dvd.

Hope this helps and sorry for being grumpy earlier


For ripping /decoding , would recommend dvdfabdecryptor 2.9.73 which is free and works great , haven’t had a problem yet with decoding newer titles and it’s updated fairly regularly , you can then use dvd shrink to compress to dvd5 if you want …
As haveacigar ( maybe should be haveacigarette as per 1st post sounds stressed a bit) , search fonction works wonders as there is a ton of stuff on this site ,if you can’t find it then ask … there are always people hear to help , not demean …
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Ok. I’m using dvd shrink and it is encoding it now.
It says it has 2 hrs and 45 min left .Is this normal??

erm… no… it shouldnt take anywere near that long. Search the forums for how to check if dma is enabled

The thread re: DMA by Womble is right here.

Good luck, hope this helps.

DMA is fine…

Encoding and the time it takes depend on the computer you are using! 2 hrs and 45min can be quite normal on some computers. But not if you are using the latest AMD CPU and lots of RAM. Then it’s not normal. But 2hrs and 45min is not that bad. Before I had a DVD burner I used to encode DVD’s to SVCD and it was something like 12 hrs to 16 hrs,I would have been very happy if it only taken 2hrs and 45min.

I think you just answered your own question !!!

Ok my friends…I am getting close to burning it right.:>
I was able to shrink the movie and it did burn to the dvd but it just played each clip in a row.There was no way to get to the area that you can choose play,scene choice,special features? I used nero. I’m getting smarter but the dunbness is peaking her head out.

dvd shrink in “reauthor” mode does not allow you to retain menus.

you can either compress the whole movie and keep the menus in shrink, or you can remove titlesets, but still keep the menus in a program like clonedvd2