DVD to NDS ... how would you play that?

Sorry if this is a really dumb question … LOL

I’d never noticed there was a DS/DSi option under mobile … so it lets me create a file in a xxx.dsp format but how do you play this on a DSi ?

Any idiots guides out there ?

Ta … Andy

Apparently it involves a program called Moonshell, but hopefully you won’t need any details from me since I don’t have a DS. :disagree:

I’d found Moonshell when i was trawling … however what i was after was a way of playing on a DSi … Moonshell seems to only work on DS/DSlite.

What i found this evening is a product called iPlayer which seems to do exactly what i want.


Glad you found what you needed, I can’t even spell “DS” so I didn’t know there was a difference :slight_smile: