DVD to my Computer



I have transferred tons of personal VHS video, tapes to DVD to preserve.
I want to transfer/edit some of the material to my computer via an external DVD player. If I purchase a translater will it be as simple as
DVD into a translater into computer to program already on computer?

Any suggestions on where & name brand translater to purchase.

1st time post-rookie. Thanks


Welcome to the forums ahunter55.

Perhaps you’d be so good as to clarify a few points for me. This external player…its just a regular player, and not an external dvd drive that is supposed to be used with a computer? Is that correct?

Also, a translator? Are you trying to convert the language of the audio track when importing these into the computer?


Yes, just a regular DVD player. Not trying to change language. I know I need a converter I guess, not a translater.

I have maybe 300 hours of personal raw footage family video already on DVDs I want to load & start editing.
I had a stand alone Avio editor that recently crashed & it’s $4000+ to replace so going to computer for editing in the future.


Since you already have the video on dvds, my suggestion is to get a computer with a dvd drive and do simple copies to the hard drive for editing purposes. A computer dvd drive will cost less than $20.

If you try to transfer from an external player to the computer, you’ll need a capture card. And the quality of the video will depend on quite a few different factors, including the video and audio codecs used to record with.

Doing a direct copy of the contents of your dvds through a computer drive will not adversely affect the picture quality in any way.

I’m not sure what format you have the video in now. But assuming you were using a stand alone dvd recorder, its probably dvd-video. The only problem you might have is if the dvds were not properly closed. If that is an issue, you can use certain software programs, like ISOBuster, to access the contents of the disc and put it on the hard drive. Or you could close each disc in the original recorder.

Do you already have a program for editing?


I can play my DVDs on my computer now (they work fine) as it has A DVD player/burner. I don’t know how I can transfer to the editing program I have (A freebie I downloaded). I’ve looked & see nothing to transfer from the player. I can do all photo’s ect. I have stored but cannot load any video, just play. I have looked & looked.
That is why I thought of an external DVD player. I have external zip that I transferred all our still pics from when that was the thing for storage . I think i had better stop, I’m pambling.

I have a DVD player/Burner in my tower.
I have a freebie edit program
I cannot find anything that says I can download from the burner/player.


Your editing program is probably looking for mpeg2 files. You can try something like vob2mpg, http://www.videohelp.com/tools/VOB2MPG.


Every video-DVD contains a standards-based file-set, and free programs like DVD FAB DECRYPTER will copy those from the DVD disk onto your hard-drive.

From there, your video-edit software can be a starting point. All of these packages have a learning curve. I find some of them quite hair-pulling, by the way.

You might wander over to the MOVIE COPYING forums to see if your package is discussed, or get ideas.

DVD FAB DECRYPTER, by the way, has a Pay-For version that has many additional features but the “copy from DVD disk to Hard-drive” services are free. Pretty straightforward, too.

This forum has a good discussion group about that and many other products.


If you are working with mpeg2 files, I’d suggest getting the free trial of VideoRedo TV Suite or Womble Mpeg Video Wizard DVD.



Both of these have fully functional trials, and are designed to work with mpeg2 files without creating problems in the cuts and joins.

Vob2Mpeg is free to use to turn them into mpeg files, but I think both of these editing programs can use dvd-video as input.


Since no one has ask yet . What folders & files do these DVDs have on them ?
That may help in knowing how to correctly rip (read) them to your hard drive.


Thanks-I have a free AVS video editor & JUST discovered how to get DVD footage onto my H.Drive. Now, trying to figure out HOW to do everything seems to be another matter. Stand alone Casablanca/Avio was Sooooo simple & excellent in every way. Thanks for all your help. I’ll snoop around & see what I can learn. Again, thanks so much…


DVD FAB Decrypter
DVD Shrink


Ahunter has asked me to help with his editing project. He has two main lines of inquiry:

  1. Hardware requirements for a video editing computer.
  2. Software that will let him work with a timeline where he can input footage from various sources, trim and edit the work and add up to 6 audio streams.

As we’ve seen from earlier posts, ahunter is working with dvd video input, made from original VHS tapes.

The hardware needed is not exotic, though a dedicated workstation would be great, it is usually way beyond budget for an amateur working with video. I would suggest a mid level computer using an Ivy Bridge i5 processor, two large hard drives in the 2tb range for working with the video and storing it, and at least 8gb of ram. You can probably get the basic setup from HP or Dell, then add ram and an extra hard drive for less than what they would charge you. It would help to know that there are extra slots on the motherboard for adding ram.

The monitor to use during production is something I am less sure about. You can use the onboard video from the Ivy Bridge cpu…lets say you are using the Intel i5 3570 processor. This works fine for most uses, but I’m not certain how critical your needs are for exact color reproduction. Most would recommend an IPS monitor. They are a lot less expensive than they were in the past, and some good ones are available from Dell and HP. The Dell U2412M is about $370. That is a 24" monitor. I’ve become spoiled by the large monitors, and recommend them, but there are some less expensive 22" IPS monitors available.

All that above applies if you are building a new system from scratch, or having one made by HP or Dell.

Your current system may work, if a bit slowly. Just depends on what you have. You might be able to upgrade it, or it might be so behind the times it would be better to simply start fresh.

Moving on to the software. Working with mpeg2, the Womble program I linked earlier would be an ok choice for amateur level work. Its main advantage over any free software would be its ability to cut and paste mpeg2 and only re-encode around those cuts. Smart rendering it is called.
A slightly more advanced program would be something like TMPGenc Mastering Works, or Adobe Premiere Elements (though it doesn’t have as good a rep as it used to).
Professional level tools would be something on the order of Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas or Avid.

With the software, work with the trials! Find out if it works for what you want to do before buying [B]anything[/B].


Thanks for posting this for me. Yes, it will be a dedicated work station just for editing, burning DVD. I will be doing searches on the items you listed.