DVD to Mpg

Hi, i have a curious question,

my brother has a notebook which can play DVDs but he has no admin-rights because its a companies one.I have sent him a few DVDs which he is unable to play because win dvd is installed but he gets an error message about the resolution. Windows Media Player is the only program thats installed and there is no way, there are no rights to install software.I now think of backing up a few DVDs to mpg or avi to be played with media Player.Can DVDFab or DVDHd do that for me and is it possible to get subtitles,too(as are on the DVD like greek)?

Thanks for answering

Hi kostas. The Platinum version of DVDFab will do this, including putting any single subtitle directly into the video.

Yes DVDFab Platinum can do DVD to avi, with subtitles…as are on your DVD…

@ signals, sorry you’re just quicker on the draw/typing … :clap:


Well that is quite amazing, but as i have no problem with the normal backing up i don`t know exactly how to do this with DVDFabPlatinum.There is only the way of DVD to DVD9 or DVD5 and to Ipod,PSP,General etc.In simple how to start in DVDFabPlatinum to backup DVD to mpg or avi?And can I do so with already backuped DVD5 to save time?

Thanks again for answers and thanks to t0nee1 and signals!

Just open DVDFab Platinum with the disc you want to convert in the drive (or select HDD folder if you have it there already). Now click on Generic in the DVD to Mobile area. Fab will read the disc and show you the available titles etc. as when making a regular backup. Select the correct title checkbox for the movie, select the audio stream in the upper right and below that select the single (only one!) subpicture (subtitle) that you wish to include. Then click Next. Now click on the Configure button. This will bring up a screen with many adjustments. The main things you need to enter here are filenames/titles, adjust the video bitrate if needed (using the slider) and video size (using the checkboxes in the window on the right) and below that make sure that Direct Render to Video is selected using the drop down subpicture selector. Click OK, then click Start. That’s all! Try one and see how it works.

well thanks a lot, i will try that. :clap:

well i`ve tried out but there are still problems.I have a german version of DVDFabPlatinum and have chosen DejaVu on my harddrive and come to the configurate point.There i can choose generic.avi.xvid.audiocopy,…mp3 and something with mp4.If i choose this avi thing(why audiocopy), right i choose the greatest resolution , on the left there is something like fixed bitrate and a possibility of fixed size of data and something about 1,2 or 3 cds.The direct videorendering of the subs is chosen.My problem now:there is no possibility of choosing a satisfactory size of the generated file as the first I produced was only 10Mb.Has is to do with my DVDFab Trial Version, which has 19 days to expire or is this a bug?Please give some advice :bow:

The Configure screen can be confusing. Here is a screen capture of my system set up to make an AVI file of Mission Impossible 3. Post again if you have questions or if this does not work for you.

thanks again signals, checked your screen capture, I can`t attach mine, but it is all similar but my filesize -Size(MB) doesn´t change and is at only 10(MB) as yours is with a lower screen resolution a over 1000MB.I think or it is a bug in the new version or it doesn´t work with the trial version???
Well, have to leave now, will post again tomorrow. :doh:

I think maybe you have the wrong title selected (on the first screen), an extra feature instead of the main movie. Use the preview window to play a little of it (while still on the first page of Generic, before clicking Next) and make sure it is the main movie, also check the running time listed. There is no difference between the trial and a registered version except that the trial will expire in 30 days. Mine was done with verision I will check this thread again Sunday. Good luck.:slight_smile:

well signals, as Ive tried with a night at the museum this works but for some reason it didnt with DejaVu though it was not a small or wrong title.Anyway, glad to have had some sucess.Thanks a lot signals.

Great! Glad to hear it worked for you. Don’t know about DejaVu, I had no trouble with the R1 disc here. I hope you will be joining as a DVDFab Platinum user.:slight_smile: