Hello all,

Is this coversion at all possible with DVDFAB?

I am wanting to convert my DVDs to a MPEG2 format.
( I have a MPEG2 player that will play the files from the PC on the TV … Hauppauge’s MVP)

I am curently using the latest DVDFab Plat

thanks in advance

Hi Craig. Will your softrware play VOB format MPEG-2?

If so, use the “generic” VOB passthrough and just rename the file as .MPG instead of .VOB


That gave me the MPEG2 format…

Video compression mode : MPEG-2
Source picture resolution : 720x480

I did notice there were no controls options to change the bitrates for Video nor Audio … also no options to change the frame resolution.

Is there another trick to get to these options

thanks again

Not as MPEG2 but you can encode to XVID Avi which gives you that control.

Use the “Generic” profile

Not presently, but this feature has been requested and may be added in the future. There are no options because it is a “passthrough”, which Ting could make available quickly for those that needed this function.

“Ting” !!!

Who is the great one … Ting?

Ting is the Co-Developer of DVDFab.:clap:

I want to stream mpeg-2’s to my 360. Where is “generic” VOB passthrough on DVDFab?


Use the left-hand drop down, where it says “Generic” next to Device, the area where the device name appears in the other profiles. I think VOB passthrough is the bottom one. I’ve got a capture of this somewhere. Will add it if I can find it.

Will this create one vob file? If not, what software do you use to convert it to a mpeg-2?

Yes, this will create one big VOB file (the target drive should use NTFS file system). If the player requires a MPG file suffix, just change the “.VOB” to “.MPG” using windows explorer. Some players/software don’t require this change. Works great. Sorry for the late reply. This didn’t show up as “unread orange” when I scanned the forum.