DVD to Mpeg



What is the best way to use DVDFab5 to convert a movie i.e. Dark Knight on a dvd to a mpeg file on my PC?

Appreciate the assistance.


DVD’s are already mpeg2, you just have to extract them from the .vob container files assuming you just want the main movie. Vob2Mpg will do this quickly, though you would have to decrypt and rip the movie to the hard drive first using DVDFab.


It seems odd that the “DVD to Mobile” options allow you to select various titles of a DVD and export them to all kinds of flavors of AVIs, but not MPG. I have a DVD of old Cartoons that I’d like to export as individual MPGs, but I have to do several steps whereas if I chose to export them in the AVI format it would be a quick process. :frowning:


Use the VOB Passthrough option in DVD to Mobile, then just use windows to change the file suffix to .mpg. Works on all my players. No other software required.


Thanx, but that’s good only if you want the combination of all titles into the VOB structure. You’d have to go in and do each one individually to get a VOB for each. Funny that it isn’t designed to do that format the same way as the AVI’s.