DVD to Mpeg guestion

I was wondering what the best way is to rip a DVD to Divx Mpeg or AVI format so that I can store the movies on my computer that I have hooked-up to my TV. What is the best Free-ware software to use and how long would it really take on a 2200XP AMD computer?

THanks for any suggestions, I have been without internet for the last couple of months and now that I have it back i want to be able to do some cool stuff with my computers again. THanks

have a look at




Thanks, CHeck out both places and I am hoping to get started with the ripping/converting this weekend. THanks again

I just ripped and converted Tears of the Sun to Divx. The movie is 1.7gigs. I was wondering if that sounds about right or if it is way to much. I did not compress it really, was wondering if a 5% compression that was recommended would drop the quality alot and if it would really make the movie file that much slower. Anways thanks for the input, I wll contiun to play around with this.

if you want a 2 cd back-up of your dvd…then it is almost good

you need to split it and burn it 2 cd’s if that is what you want

what bitrate did you chose??

Umm no sure on the rate. I really do not want to split them, I want to have them on my HD so i can just play them from there to my TV. I am going to try a new tutorial tonight. THe one writen by one of the guys here


Anyways, all i want to do is make nice backups in divx format and store them on my computer, it is easier to go thru a list on my computer and hit play then going thru disks. That and I like doing geek stuff like this. :slight_smile: