DVD to MP4 (PS3 Compatible)

I own AnyDVD, CloneDVD and CloneDVDMobile.

Is there a way to create mp4 video files from DVDs or other sources that will play on the PS3?

If there is, I’m okay with encoding in DVD quality, but is there the possibility that encoding can be upscaled to 1080p?

If not, is that a feature that is being worked on or should I just try to find and another program?

Just a quick update. This is the type of software that I’m looking for (http://www.mp4converter.net/ps3-video-converter-guide.html).

There’s a
[B]DVD to PS3 Converter[/B] (http://www.mp4converter.net/dvd-to-ps3-converter-win.html) and a
[B]PS3 Video Converter[/B] (http://www.mp4converter.net/ps3-video-converter-win.html).

Does Slysoft have anything like the [B]DVD to PS3 Converter[/B] or plan to?

I’d rather buy it from Slysoft than someone else. But if it’s not available and it’s not going to be either, then I might as well just go ahead and buy it from these guys. :frowning:

The PS3 is truly a High Definition machine and I want to load a few standard or preferably, high definition flicks if possible on the portable hard drive that I keep connected to it.