DVD to Movie Maker to PowerPoint



I’m trying to create a Powerpoint program that requires some small clips from a video. I’m getting stuck getting the file into WMM. I’ve spent many hours this week trying different programs, but nothing has worked yet. The disk I’m getting the video from has a file named Video_TS, it contains 2 .bup, 2 .ifo, and 5 .vob files (4 of which are the same size).
Some of the programs I’ve used take many hours to spit out a file, then I discover I can’t import into WMM, or the .avi just shows up as audio. I’'m currently trying Super to encode a .vob file into wmv.
I’m obviously a newbie with video, the computer is a new laptop running vista with 4 gigs of ram and a fairly powerful processor. Was hoping not to spend hours/days on this task. I have 2 more disks to work.
Any advice is greatly appreciated.


I find Windows Movie Maker to be very problematic, since it is so fussy about import formats and only exports as DV avi or .wmv. I personally have no use for it.

If I were editing dvds or other forms of mpeg2, I’d use Womble Mpeg Video Wizard DVD or one of the VideoReDo programs. There are fully functional trials available for them.

Since you may not want to learn a new program just for this task, I’d say you are on the right track converting to .wmv with SUPER before importing to WMM.