DVD to movie file with 100% free software in 2 steps

This thread of a follow-up from this thread.

Step 1. Install and use DVD Fab HD Decrypter to decrypt your dvd.

Step 2. Install and use Handbrake to transform the output of step 1 to MP4, MKV, AVI or OGM files.

Gets easier all the time, doesn’t it!? :slight_smile:

If you want avi files (Divx or Xvid), you can also use AutoGK.

Thanks Mr. Belvedere will give Handbrake a try, I have always used AutoGK and /or MediaCoder never hurts to try something new.

Till now i am very dissapointed by Handbrake. No subtitling and no resizing of the AVI file. But it’s a very compact and fast product.