Dvd to moble help for Zune

I am new to trying to convert a dvd to a moblie format as my first attempt was last night. I have a Zune 120 and attempted to convert gran torino last night. It only took just under 5 hours to do so.
I have been searching the forum about this and have found a few threads to help with the matter of it taking so long to convert the file. I happen to be at work so I will have to get home and attempt some of the suggestions.
I want to know though, is that I was converting from the dvd in the burner so should i rip the movie to the computer then convert to moblie? If so what copy mode and setting should i use?
Any other help, suggestions, & advise would be greatly welcomed.

I have converted a dvd to zune format. I ripped the main movie only to iso with a single sound source and no subtitles. I then converted the iso to Zune (wma). Using 2 pass high quality mode it took 1 hour on a higher end PC.

I will try that when I get home from work. I know that my setting are on 1 pass when it was taking almost 5 hours to do. The ipod mp4 only took 45 min and works also on the zune so I might just stick with that.