DVD to Mobile

Using Latest Version a particular movie won’t convert

DVD to mobile conversion for my Archos (using my customised Generic template, but it also happens on the Archos 605 specific template). Have tried from the .iso file, from DVD Folders, from a Daemon tools mounted ISO image…all that happens is FPS starts at 0.16 FPS, then quickly drops to 0. It’s also happening only on a particular film. I have tried all sorts of options, resolutions, cropping not cropping.
In addition I have tried with CUDA disabled and still no joy.

The ripped files of the movie, whether it be, folders or .iso file when tested is fine, plays perfectly. They can be re-ripped and re-endcoded no problem. Just won’t encode to smaller .avi file for my Archos

I have converted a lot of movies for my Archos and never had this problem before. :bow:It’s not even a modern movie, it’s an old black and white wartime flick in 740x576 resolution 4:3 aspect ratio.

Annoyingly Topviewsofts free DVD ripper (which ain’t great in terms of features and is a little sloow!) is encoding this perfectly OK…:rolleyes:

Seems like there might be some sort of bug within the DVD to mobile option?:doh:

Agreed, had the same problem with trying to go from .iso to ipod mp4. My version still works on the same iso though so I’m guessing it’s a code issue.

Seems like there might be some sort of bug within the DVD to mobile option?:doh:[/QUOTE]
No doubt…

I’m not able to reproduce this problem on my systems, but you never said what specific movie is failing to convert.

Signals and I experienced this same degradation in fps way back in the early Mobile conversion days. The failure was a function of the old AC-3/1 mono, audio track. The fps would continue to fall until the conversion would simply stop.
This occurred on the old Taran flicks with Johnny Weissmuller.
Anyway, Ting did his magic and I’ve never had the problem again.
Out of curiosity, does this flick have AC-3/1 audio?

I just converted Maltese Falcon from an .ISO file to Ipod mp4 profile and had no problems whatsoever. I’m also currently converting Tarzan The Ape Man (Johnny Weissmuller) with AC-3/1 and so far so good. has certainly had its share of bugs.
Hopefully, with the next release, we won’t see a recurrence of many of the problems users have reported.
Anyway, it sounds like both of you have a work-around with other versions for the time being.

It’s AC3/2 Audio (undefined). The movie is called Above Us the Waves and old WWII movie.

I do suspect it’s an Audio problem though, because does have occasional audio problems on most conversions…especially the older wartime stuff. It’s almost unnoticeable, but it’s a 1/10th of a second 100Hz buzz (fairly quiet) on the audio track, perhaps 2 or 3 times during the move (probably at the Vob breaks).

As you say though I have a (not very nice) work around, and hopefully no worse bugs will surface with a newer version perhaps being more stable.

I do love the CUDA GPU acceleration though, it’s great to see conversion rates on 130-160fps (I usually encode at around 800Kbs per sec).

[QUOTE=davecuk;2305403]It’s AC3/2 Audio (undefined). The movie is called Above Us the Waves and old WWII movie.
Thanks for posting the title. I love the old WWII flicks and I had totally forgotten about this one.
I’ll have to pick it up.
It’s been so long since I’ve seen it, it’ll be like seeing it for the first time…again…:stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for joggin’ this old memory.

I love all the old WWII movies, especially ones about subs and the RAF.