DVD to Mobile (Zune) audio sync




I’ve converted Star Trek XI with DVDFAB DVD to Mobile (Zune) - twice - and the audio is out of sync by a few seconds. This has never happened with other movies/earlier versions of DVDFAB.

I’ve searched the forum a little bit but didn’t find anything that seemed useful. Can anyone offer any help?




I just used DVD to Mobile to convert Jazz On A Summer’ Day to .wmv with no audio sync problems. I had converted this movie successfully with an earlier version of DVDFab.

So can anyone offer any suggestions why I can’t convert Star Trek XI?



Did you use DVD to Mobile or File to Mobile? I find that File to Mobile almost always has an audio sync problem. This is a long standing problem – for me at least. DVD to Mobile works without the audio sync issues. But I wish they would fix the File to Mobile as it’s basically unusable.



Thanks for replying. I used DVD to Mobile, but I used the backup DVD I had made. I recall getting a read-error message when I made the backup, which I chose to ignore. The audio on the backup disc is fine, btw.

I tried converting from the backup DVD to wmv with another program, but got the same result, along with a pre-conversion warning message – something related to audio sync, as I recall!