DVD to Mobile 'Trial User'

I purchased DVDFab Platinum years ago. I just ‘upgraded’ to version and noticed the DVD to Mobile option is ‘Trial User’. (DVD to DVD and HD decrypter both are listed as ‘never expire’ as they should be.) Wasn’t the DVD to Mobile option included in the lifetime upgrades if one purchased DVDFab before a certain date? I totally understand having to pay for Blu-Ray capability, but I thought I was covered in the DVD to Mobile department.

You need to request a new key for version 6. Remember to chose version 6.x in the drop down menu

You are covered if you purchased before May 8, 2008. There may be a problem with your key. When you get a new one, as calcu007 suggested, try selecting the “v6 all in one email” option. Download the email attachment keyfile to your desktop and ,with DVDFab installed but closed, double click on the keyfile.

That did it, thanks. I copied and pasted it the first time, but this time I just double clicked it and it worked, so I’m happy. Thanks again.

Glad it is fixed for you and thanks for reporting back.