DVD to Mobile: Setting up multiple tasks in queue from same source

Is anybody here able to set up multiple tasks in the mobile converter queue that are from the same source to the same mobile device? i.e. rip multiple chapters from one optical drive to the PS3 format, with each chapter a separate task in the queue? I would greatly appreciate it if somebody could tell me whether this is supposed to be possible or not.

I’m trying to rip a DVD boxset to MP4 to stream to my PS3. As far as the ripping itself goes, it’s working great. The problem I’m having is in order to split out the episodes into individual files, I have to manually do one episode at a time. The “split by chapter” feature won’t work well for me for this project, because some of the episodes take up two chapters, some only take up one, some chapters are just blank space, etc. The discs are very inconsistent this way. Also, I want to be able to give each episode a title other than what is automatically assigned as the file name, so I need the task profiles to do that.

So instead I’d like to use the task queue, but I’m only able to do multiple tasks either from different sources (i.e. two different optical drives) or multiple portable devices (i.e. DVD-to-XBOX and then DVD-to-PS3). If I create a task to burn an episode to PS3, and then hit the back button, select a different chapter, and then hit next, it modifies the first task instead of adding a new one. I’ve made sure to double click in blank space to deselect the first task before going back, but it doesn’t do any good. I’ve tried going back and adding a “dummy” task that I can delete later, i.e. DVD-to-360, then going back and doing DVD-to-PS3 to get another PS3 task, but it will still modify the original PS3 task instead of making a new one. I’ve tried using the copy button to create an identical task, then select just one of those tasks, go back, and change chapters. But when I hit next, it has modified both of the PS3 tasks. Nothing I do will result in multiple tasks from the same source to the same mobile device, except for getting multiple tasks that are identical and therefore useless.

Before I go through the uninstall/reinstall process, I wanted to find out if the software is actually supposed to be able to set up multiple tasks from the same source, or if this is a deliberate limitation of the software. I tried emailing support to ask this question, but in spite of sending them the exact same message I’ve posted here, I received a canned response about how to use the “split by chapter” feature. :clap:

If each episode is an individual Title and you select the ones you want to convert on the setup page (before you click Next), then each episode should show as a standalone item on the mobile task list. If the episodes are all in a single title, rip it to a VIDEO_TS folder, then you can re-use the folder as a Source multiple times. While still on the task list page after setting up the first conversion, just click on the folder icon and it will snap back to the setup page where you can select a different bunch of chapters from the same title and they will come out as a standalone files. To illustrate, I used the same Source to extract chapters 1&2, 3&4 and 5&6 from Gran Torino which I happened to have already ripped to a VIDEO_TS folder. See below.