DVD to Mobile - Sanyo supported?

I just recently upgraded my cell phone to the Sanyo 8400. I thought it’d be neat to put a movie onto my phone, but when I went to the Cell Phone section of DVD Plat. and then tried to configure it for my phone, there wasn’t any Sanyo’s listed at all. I noticed the 3gp and 3gp2, but from what I read mine is 3gpp or 3gpp2. I’m wondering if any of the pre-existing modes would work or if support for Sanyo could be added.

Simply search using Google for your phone, and the resolution it supports, then from there, you can simply use another profile that is comparable to that resolution. Or even edit that file/profile, tweak it, and post it for others to use, as well as the authors to add it.
Thats the cool thing about these guys, they are very nice about adding user’s contributions to better the program for others entertainment.

Update- I just quickly browsed, and that phone is 320x240. Now, that doesn’t mean use 320x240, as that is the fullscreen resolution, but since the phone doesn’t play up/downwise (3x4), meaning, height is 320, you might mess around with the Samsung D60 profile for starters and tweak it.