DVD to Mobile-PS3 Question



:confused:When I use the DVD to MOBILE-PS3, do I plug the PS3 into the CPU? or do I put it on a DVD then put it in A pS3 after? Please give a little bit more instuction than whats on the tutorial cause Ive put files to public and ps3 but im lost…


You would be better to get on to a PS3 forum to find out how to do what you want.

It’s certainly beyond the purview of this forum but there are some skilled PS3 users on this forum that may be able to assist or at least point you in the right direction.


Understanding that but the issue is in the DVDFab software I may have mis-asked my question but thank you.


just locate the movie DVDfab creates on your hard drive. it’s usually under documents/dvdfab/ps3/
Get a FAT32 formatted USB stick, create a folder called VIDEO on the root folder and put your movie on this folder.

If you don’t know what fat32 is, just reformat your usb stick and make sure the format you choose is fat32. You can do this from your disk management applet in windows.

When you plug your USB stick on your PS3, you will see your usb stick appear under the video section and on it you’ll see as many compatible movies as you put on that folder. From there you can copy to the ps3’s hd or play directly from the stick.

I have used probably 4 different usb sticks and 3 different hard drives and they all work. The tricky part is create files compatibles with the PS3 but it seems that dvdfab is now capable. Also, NTFS HDs or usb sticks, as well as linux formatted do not work.