DVD To Mobile Problem

Okay I am been trying to encode a movie to XviD and I put the bitrate all the way up that it turned the bitrate to 5000 and the size MB would be 4104, now I always choose 2 pass encoding cause I am guessing you get higher quality doing a 2 pass than 1 pass fast encoding, now when the first pass is done, the program just disappears all of the sudden like if it was clicked out, even though I didn’t do anything and when I click back to the program, I have to start all over again and it didn’t even do the 2nd pass, Am I doing something wrong, it’s the size the problem, Help would be appreciated, Thank You

At 4104 MB it’s almost the size of a DVD (and almost the same bitrate). Try reducing the bitrate to around 2000-2500 (or just play the VOB files).:slight_smile:

would you recommend one pass encoding or 2 pass encoding?

well I just tried it with 1 pass encoding to see if that works, it just froze on me the program, what you can’t go that High at all?


well I just tried it with 1 pass encoding to see if that works, it just froze on me the program, what you can’t go that High at all?

Which title (name, region, country) is your DVD ?
What is your subtitle settings ? “Direct Render” or “Create idx/sub file” ?
What your problem is the process always not end when the percent is 100% ?

Please tell me more information about your problem, which will help me to find and fix the bug.


Hi, Ting

There may be two problems. In the first post the problem was that DVDFab just disappeared after pass 1 encoding, before starting pass 2. I the last post the problem was with 1 pass encoding the program froze.:confused:

yep it is a problem, the name of the movie I am trying to do is It’s All About Love with Joaquin Phoenix, but it does it with every dvd I put it, not just one and for subpicture, the only option available is idx/sub file and I am region 1

Try the new release, and post the results, good or bad. There is nothing in the release notes about this specific problem, but often there are fixes that aren’t listed.

I will try it soon, but just out of curiosity, is there any quality difference between 1 Pass Encoding and 2 Pass Encoding, does 2 Pass Encoding give you more better quality than 1 Pass?

Hi ElBoricua433,

The problem is fixed, please wait for new beta.

Best Regards,

It might, but it depends on the playback device and the size of the screen. On a cellphone or other small screen PVP I doubt you could see the difference. For the extra processing time, unless you really need super quality, I would stick with one-pass. Two-pass will make the output file size estimate more accurate.

thank you Fengtao, I didn’t even see you post there for a second there

Well I tried it in the beta version, Problem still occurs, this is how high I set it up as

What problem did you have with the new beta ( Freeze? Crash? Have you tried with a lower video bitrate, say 2500 kbps?

well technically, it was in 2 pass mode this time, 1 pass encoding, it’s like having no problems but I didn’t let it complete it. but in 2 pass mode, when it reaches like around 93%, it like out of the blue said first pass completed, then something popped out like one of those error things and then it disappeared, it didn’t even make 100% and it said 1st pass completed and it didn’t even do 2nd pass, it just did some error thing and the program just shut down itself

If it shut itself down, it should have written an entry to the crash log (_event_log). See if you have anything there (or even any such folder). It is located with the burn logs in the location specified in the bottom link in my sig.

/EDIT/ Just saw in the other thread that you tried a lower bitrate with no success.:frowning:

I haven’t tried with a lower bitrate, I must have mispoked

Probably me. The threads tend to merge after a while. Sorry.

hopefully this problem gets fixed, cause I seriously don’t see any problem why you can’t go that high, I am a quality freak as you can see

I understand the quest for quality my friend, and I share it. I meant to just try one as an experiment to help Ting narrow down the problem.