DVD to Mobile - Problem DVD's



OK… I’ve been merrily converting DVD’s to mobile for a long time and never had a problem.

I’ve now moved on to converting another area of my library which is Music DVD’s and have had problems with the following titles:-

Clapton Chronicles - The Best of Eric Clapton
Curtis Mayfield - Live at Ronnie Scott’s
Rod Stewart - Storyteller 1984-1991

I, as usual, rip the full DVD to a HDD folder and set up the encode jobs from there.

Profile: generic.avi.xvid.audiocopy
Bitrate: 1100
Res: Same as source
Framerate:Same as source
2 Pass

What happens is that the job starts and then about 5 minutes into it, the encoding rate drops to 0.00 and sits there forever.

I’ve tested with and Beta - Same results. Tried other DVD’s, no problem.

Does anyone have any of these title and can run a test?


Hey, cobber! 1) Are these R4 DVDs? 2) Does the first pass ever complete? 3) Does 1-pass work? I may have the Rod Stewart but it would be R1.