DVD To Mobile Options Not showing up!

The other night I made a Generic.avi.xvid.mp3 file like I always do using DVDFab Version, after it was done I took out the disk and then proceeded to make another file with a different movie like I have done hundreds of times already. But when I put the next movie in and went to create the Generic file my DVD To Mobile Options where completely gone! All I have is DVD to DVD. What happened?

I have unistalled and re-installed DVDFab like 4 times and I still don’t get my DVD to Mobile Options anymore. I am a Plantinum user and when I re-instal the new one and try to use the Trial version the DVD To Mobile Options are there but when I click on anyof them they won’t let me use them, a window pops up saying to download the newest version from DVDFab.com, but I have already! So then I click my Regerstration Key and restart DVDFab and Bam all my DVD to Mobile Options are gone again! I’m lossing all patients here! I’m like WTF! And I have sent 2 complaints in to Customer Support and have not recieved any responses.

Anyone else experiencing the same? And yes I did the “full Removal” of DVDFab. Help Please! :a

AllStar80, if you have purchased the platinum version recently you have to purchase the mobile option separately. If you have there should be a bar to click for the mobile options, see the picture below.

The Platinum Version I bought did have the Moble Option. But now it doesn’t work anymore. My screen use to look like that but now it doesn’t.

Went back to DVDFab’s website and looked at the Mobile Option, it’s an extra $20. Is this new? I don’t remember seeing this on the site when I bought Platinum Version. Can you buy just the Mobile Option or do you have to have the Gold or Platinum Version to go with it?

This is the text from the site about the mobile version:

Working with DVDFab Platinum/Gold, DVDFab Mobile Option converts DVD title to AVI/MP4/WMV/MKV files which can be played on mobile devices like iPod, PSP, ZUNE, cell phone, etc.

Looks like Platinum or Gold is required? Or maybe it just means it will work with them??