DVD to Mobile (avi / wmv) Audio Sync Off

I’ve been looking or a product that I could use to rip my DVD’s to my PC so I can watch them through my xbox360. I’ve been watching AVI’s fine on the xbox360 and tried using the DVDFab to Mobile option to AVI. Once the process was completed everything seemed normal. I started clicking through the chapters and when I get about half way through the audio gets our of sync with the video. I tried the same process with WMV files with the same results.

My computer is an HP Pavillion m9517c.

AMD Phenomâ„¢ X4 9550 Quad-Core Processor
2.20 GHz, 2 MB L2 Cache + 2 MB Shared L3 Cache, 3600MT/s System Bus

NVIDIA GeForce 9100 Chipset

8 GB (4 x 2048 MB)

Optical drive type
Blu-ray player & SuperMulti DVD burner with LightScribe Technology


Is this just one movie or have you tried multiple DVDs? Which ones were they? Is the audio out of sync when playing through the XBox, when playing in Windows, or both? Finally, how are you getting them to the XBox? Streaming them? Via a USB storage device?

I may not know any answers but I sure know some questions :slight_smile: FYI, I haven’t had any issues with and audio sync using the 5.1 WMV profile for the XBox 360, but there is a slightly newer betathat has updated codecs for some profiles that you can try in a pinch if nothing else works.

I’ve only tried 1 DVD (The Incredibles). I store the AVI’s on my local drive and access them from the xbox360 hard wired into my network. The audio sync issues happens on the PC and xbox360. I’ve downloaded the beta that you mentioned and will see if that makes a difference. Thanks for the reply!

From past experience with another (now defunct) program, apparently Disney movies are pretty notorious when it comes to these things (I haven’t done any Disney/Pixar movies with DVDFab yet). If you try another movie (preferably non-Disney) it may help isolate whether it’s an issue with The Incredibles specifically that the very responsive devs can look into or perhaps some setting we can tweak on your system.

A workaround for the previous program was to do two steps, first rip the disc to the hard drive and then convert from there. As I mentioned, I haven’t run into this with DVDFab yet so things may be different. I’m actually in the process of reconverting some of the DVDs I ripped with that program because of odd audio issues (not out-of-sync issues, but weird blips that kill the volume for about 30 seconds).

I am also having issues where the audio starts to get off-sync about half-way into the movie and gets progressively more out of sync towards the end.

I am using DVD to Mobile in DVDfab with the default iPhone settings (and 2-pass enabled) for making m4v files. I have an Intel Core2 Duo 3.0 with 3.25GB (Windows XP).

It happens on pretty much every movie I’ve ripped (some disney/pixar, some not), but it is definitely much much worse on some than others, like a barely noticeable 0.25s off on some to a horrible 2-3s off on others. It doesn’t seem to be an issue on really short films or early on in any films though. Only after the 45 minute mark or so does the sound lose sync.

I’m hoping this gets resolved soon. Or at least some kind of workaround. Should I download the beta?

Here are three specific titles that represent rather different examples where my audio sync is totally off in the latter part of the movie when I do an iPhone rip:
WALL-E, Sex and the City, Overboard

Have you tried ripping to your hard drive using the DVD Decrypter function and then using DVD-to-Mobile from the resulting directory? When something happens around the middle of the movie it may be an indication that your reader hiccups when it changes layers and ripping to your hard drive first may alleviate that issue.

I saw in another thread to try DVD to DVD | Main Movie first and then use that hard drive directory for the DVD to Mobile | iPod conversion. I tried this with WALL-E just now, and it is just as much off-sync (about 2 seconds) at the end of the movie.

I find it ironic that WALL-E is the example in the DVDfab tutorial web page and yet I can’t seem to make that movie work.

(forgive the double-post; wanted to make it clear there was a new response)

OK, so this is what I’ve figured out. Whether I’m ripping straight from the DVD or from a hard drive copy, the sound on longer movies tends to get out of sync if I pick the sound format Dolby Pro Logic II (which I think it defaulted to for iPhone). But if I just change my audio to be Stereo, the sound stays in sync just fine. I also determined that setting it to keep the multichannel surround worked too (but isn’t what I want for an iPhone movie).

So now I have a perfectly acceptable workaround. I just use Stereo, not ProLogic.

I don’t know if this is a DVDfab bug or some other issue. It doesn’t bother me though. I wonder if this resolves anyone else having this problem.

Thanks for posting the workaround, hopefully it will help someone else.