DVD to Mobile Audio/Video Sync is off



I noticed after updating to the latest DVDFab that the DVD to Mobile(iTouch) have a syncronization issue. It appears the the audio is running just slightly ahead of the video. The lips simply do not match up with the voice.

I know the frame rate was lowered to 23.97 due to frame being a bit jerky, but the ones I did at the older frame rate of 29.97 do not show this lip sync issue.


Nobody else see this problem?
I looked at previous movies I converted to mpv and they seem fine, but now all the ones I do have a serious lip sunc issue.


I’m using DVDFab to create .M4V files to watch on my iPod. I haven’t had any audio sync problems until just today when I encountered a strange one…

One particular .M4V file has the audio out of sync for about the first 25% of the movie, then it apparently gradually gets back in sync for the rest of the movie. I tried different frame rates (23.97 works best to prevent that annoying subtle video jerkiness) and also I tried single and double pass conversions, but nothing seems to clear up the audio sync problem.

One thing I haven’t tried yet is to rip the DVD to my HDD and then try the conversion to the .M4V file.

I’m open to any additional suggestions.



I have seen what you said as well in reverse. The movie starts in sync, and dow the road the audio gets ahead of the video. Most of the ones I see it is off the entire time. Just did the movie “Traffic” which starts with to guys in a steak out chatting and the audio was way ahead of the video. I did this one off my HDD.

Is this a problem that is being looked into or is it something that just popped up?


Well it’s no better when ripping the movie to my HDD first then converting to the .M4V format… the audio still leads the video by a split second for the first ~25% of the movie.

DREAMLINER: Yes… I used to occasionally experience out of sync video later in movies when using earlier versions of DVDFab, but not lately.

In all honestly I don’t experience out of sync video very often. It’s just this one particular movie.

I’ll have to carefully examine the DVD to see if maybe there’s something physically wrong with it.

Please keep us posted if you figure it out.


Well for me now it is way to common. The lip sync seems to be off now in all DVD to Mobiles I do. The audio is just slightly ahead of the video enough to make it very annoying. I have tried everything I can think off and it appears nothing seems to work.

I am begining to look for a different software for the purpose of converting to various mobiles such as iTouch and Archos. I kinda like the all in one software to do it all but this simply is not working.

I am unable to convert to mobile without this lip sync issue, and I am unable to burn to a dual layer DVD unless I use an external software and do it seperatly. What it does do well is rip & burn to single layer DVD5 for me. The rest is just not working. When I have a bit more time I will try to see if there is any one software that will do it all well for me. Hopefully this is something that is being worked on, becuase I do like the all in one software approach.


I just got my first audio sync issue as well. 1 episode of Californication the audio was slightly behind the video the whole time. Rest of the episodes were fine. This was using the iphone/ipod mobile function.

I am reripping/encoding as we speak.


I feel your pain, I wish I knew if this is an issue that is being looked at or not. I have this audio sync problem on all DVD;s I try to put on my iphone/itouch. WMA seems to be O.K. but not the mpv files.