DVD to Mobile: audio only option not there

I have DVDFab Platinum v. – I want to copy the audio only from a DVD onto a CD. I read the tutorial, but my screen does not have the option “Audio Only” so that I can make a MP3 of the audio.

I re-installed DVDFab, thinking maybe when I had originally installed it, I hadn’t opted for the ‘mobile’ option, but it still doesn’t show “Audio Only” when I select “DVD to Mobile” – can I not do this with this product??

( I have only had this product for a month and never burned DVDs before so I am a real newbie.)

:o Never mind. I rooted around some more on the DVDFab site and it appears this feature is an add-on. ($) It is enabled on my app so I am trying out the 30-day trial version. Looks like it is working…

Told you I was a newbie! :rolleyes:

Welcome to CD Freaks :smiley:

Unfortunately, many software packages are like this and some are even going this way in newer versions, so you’re not the only one experiencing something like this.

I recently encountered a similar issue when I upgraded Cyberlink PowerProducer (a DVD authoring program) and found that some of the features I took for granted in version 2.0 became optional extras in the newer version that have to be purchased separately. In effect, apart from a few new features I’ll unlikely end up using (e.g. Blu-ray authoring and animated thumbnails) I ended up purchasing a downgrade! :doh:

So before you purchase a software package or even a newer version, it is worth checking the website for what optional extras are available in case any of these are not included with the package you plan getting or are optional extras in the newer version. The problem with trial software is that it often has every optional extra enabled for the duration of the trial and it is only when you go to purchase the software that the optional extras become greyed out until they are purchased separately.